Our Story


Hello, I'm Erlands, the founder of Earthbreath, where Scottish roots and Latvian soul blend into the honey we lovingly produce. Started in 2018 in the Scottish Highlands and now based near the historic Edinburgh, our journey is inspired by my Latvian heritage and the untamed beauty of its landscapes.
At the heart of Earthbreath is our dedicated team of artisan beekeepers - now not only from Latvia but also Greece. Their expertise and passion breathe life into every jar, capturing the distinct, rich flavours of diverse regions.

Inspired by Nature

At Earthbreath, we believe the key to good health and well-being is a balanced diet based on raw, natural, and sustainable products. Mother Nature provides an abundance of these products, and our mission is to share these superfoods with people. We aim to inspire people to live healthily, eat consciously, and form lifestyle habits in loving harmony with nature. Therefore, we offer raw honey and other bee-made products created with respect for bees, nature, and our customers.


Natural and Raw Food

We believe that humans are a part of nature as much as every bee or flower. We trust in the wisdom of nature and that we should eat the food as nature made it - unprocessed and fresh!

Raw honey and bee-made products aren't just superfoods; they're essential fuel for your body's optimal function. Daily use of natural products with high nutritional and energetical value helps to keep your health in balance and connects you with nature. And this is especially important in today's fast-paced world filled with processed foods and artificial environments.


Sustainable Practices

Our honey is harvested from the pristine fields, meadows, and forests of Latvia. We use traditional methods that respect the bees. With utmost care for our buzzing companions, our production process is thoughtfully designed to minimize environmental impact while keeping our bees happy. We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint, employing eco-friendly practices and minimizing waste every step of the way.


Organic Practices

Promoting ethical beekeeping and agricultural practices is at the core of our mission. That's why our beekeepers exclusively employ natural remedies to nurture our bees. Situated in remote, pristine meadows and forests, far from urban pollutants like roads or cities, our hives thrive in their untouched habitats. Surrounding fields and meadows remain free from pesticides, herbicides, or any harmful chemicals, ensuring the purity of our honey.


From our Honey Experts to You

We work with a small team of local beekeepers. Our devoted team handles the whole process of harvesting, production, packaging, and shipping. We closely monitor every stage of the process and provide the highest quality products. What sets us apart is our commitment to offering only what meets our own high standards of excellence - we only offer honey and other bee products we would like to consume ourselves. We use Earthbreath's products daily, and our families and friends love them too. Why is this important? So you can be confident that you'll receive top-quality products made with care and honesty.



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